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My personal log of various projects

Using ArcWelder as a postprocessor in PrusaSlicer

I am using a detla printer which prints pretty fast. To reduce the filesize and use G2/G3 commands i am using ArcWelder.

ArcWelder is avaible as a OctoPrint Plugin or as a CLI programm. I am using Duet Boards without OctoPrint.

Here is the video :

Shutdown a Rasperry PI via the Duet Web Interface (execonmcode)

I am running my 3D printer via DSF on a Raspberry PI. Its like Octoprint for RRF/Duet Boards. After a print is finished you can call the M81 command to poweroff the printer (Assuming you have installed the ATX Power Off). But this do not work on the PI. So found this Plugin:

This will parse the DSF for a specific M Command you can choose! The standard one is M7722.

It then runs whatever you want on the PI. For installing the plugin and installing it as a service i made some small YT Videos!

Converting a NodeMCU (ESP-12F)/Duet 2 WiFi to a ESP 07(S) without a Hotair Solder Station

If you are using and NodeMCU or Duet 2 WiFi in a metal box the signal strenght of the WiFi would be quite bad.

So a external antenna is needed. Two options are possible

The trickiest part is the desoldering of the Modul.

  • Using and HotAir Station is the "normal" way to do it. Heat the solder points of the ESP up and it comes easily loose
  • But not everybody got and hotair station. But there is a way to do it without!:

For the desoldering without hotair you will need:

  1. Soldering iron
  2. Copper wire
  3. Solder
  4. Solder wick
  5. ESP07(S) modul

My inspiration for this comes from this video:

Step 1 is bending the copper wire like this

Step 2 applying a lot of solder to the wire so it become a giant "solder snake". Then heat everthing out and push the ESP away

Step 3 ESP is now desolderd. Now clean the solderpoints with some solder wick and retin them

Step 4 Place the ESP07(S) on the old solder points. And solder the modul onto the board

Step 5 After soldering the board so not forget to reflash the firmware of the ESP!

Step 6 Finish! You can now use an external antenna with the NodeMCU

Quick Start for the SKR RRF Adapter Boards

  1. Connect the the Adapter to the SKR. Look out for EXP2 and EXP1. EXP2-->EXP2 and EXP1-->EXP1.
  2. Remove the micro SD Card from your SKR
  3. Insert it in your PC.
  4. Now you can follow the GUIDE (From the "Pepare SD Card" because the ESP is preflashed by me) or download my example configs. Be aware that they are only for a "quick start":
    1. Download the zip file to you PC. SKR1.3 or SKR1.4
    2. Extract it to the Root Folder of your micro SF. Should look like this
    3. Insert the card in your SKR and power it on!
    4. Now you have to connect the SKR to the Wifi. You need a terminal emulator like Repetier Host, octoprint etc
    5. Connect the SKR via USB Cable to your PC.
    6. Open the terminal

      7.Now send this command.

  • M552 S0
  • M587 S"Your Network Name" P"Your password".
  • M552 S1

8. Now you can disconnect the USB and copy the IP of your printer in your browser. You can now configure the printer like a duet board.

Here is a quick video for reference: