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Connecting a PanelDue to a SKR with RRF

Due to the fact that the EXP1 and EXP2 Ports are used by the Wi-Fi Adapter it is not possible to connect a standard LCD to the SKR.

A Display is not needed to use the RepRapFirmware. You can start, configure etc everything via the web interface.

The display is an add-on and not mandatory! But if you want to have one, you have two options.

1.Using a TFT35 from Bigtreetech with a modified firmware
2.Using a PanelDue

I will show you how you can connect a PanelDue to the SKR Board. These are available quite cheap from aliexpress! Only drawback is, that you cannot print from SD card slot of the display!

  1. Updating the firmware of the PanelDue. This ist pretty easy. Click here
  2. Using the 4 Pin cable to connect to the SKR.

On the SKR you have 4 pins labeled TFT. On the underside of the board the pins are labeled with RST R0 T0 G 5V. We need ever pin except the RST.

On the PanelDue the 4 Pin Connector is labeled TXD RXD GND +5V

Now you have to be careful You have to connect the wires like this. (left Paneldue right SKR). I had to change the pins of the SKR side. For this you can press the little metal tab down and pull the wire out.





Now we have to add a line in config.g

M575 P1 S1 B57600

Save and reset the Board.

Now the display should work. If not got to Setup and change the baudrate to 57600 baud.

May 18, 2020

Written by Marco on May 18, 2020
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